• Designed to control 2, non-Sky related, IR controlled sources.
  • Fully compatible with the Sky digital tvLINK® system.
  • Used as new, or as an upgrade to an existing tvLINK® in-home distribution system.


The tvLINK®plus is the latest designed product to join the tvLINK® range and has been designed to be used in conjunction with our tvLINK® unit.

With this product you can now view and remotely control any two normally controlled infra red devices such as a terrestrial freeview unit, video recorder, digital satellite receiver or DVD unit.

It should be noted that some equipment may not have a RF outlet (only a SCART connector) and these units will require a tvM Modulator in order to view the output around the home.

In a typical system installation, the interface unit would be located in close to the units you wish to control. The two infra red blaster units are then placed such that they will blast the remote control signals directly at the front of the controlled device.

The unit receives it's information from the remote tvLINK® eye so in order to use the tvLINKplus you must either already own one (or more) tvLINK® eye's or purchase a complete kit that will include a tvLINK®.

The unit is designed to operate with the remote control normally supplied with the device to be controlled or with a suitably programed universal remote control.

* IR data rate 30 - 40 KHz. Equipment must have UHF output or additional tvM will be required.


Controls up to 2 source devices and comes with a set of 2 infrared blasters


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