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Crucial to running your Cat6a Network at speeds of up to 10GB will be a top quality cat6a Patch Panel. We offer a flexible range of Cat6a Patch Panels which will suit almost every Cat6a installation

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  • Blank for Unused Keystone Panel Outlets

    £0.25 Ex VAT.

    Can be used in the spaces for all keystone panels

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  • Angled FTP Keystone Jack Patch Panel

    £38.22 Ex VAT.

    The Connectix 24 Way Angled Patch Panel offers enhanced patch lead management in any style of cabinet. The patent pending design naturally sweeps patch leads to the side of the racking, without the panel protruding beyond the rack or cabinet profiles. Supplied unloaded, the fully shielded patch panel accepts 10G high performance Keystone Modules which are simply clicked into position. The 24 way Keystone Panel offers high density and the capability for 10G data transmission performance levels. An integrated rear management tray supports...

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  • Blanking panels for 19" cabinets, available in...

    £4.48 Ex VAT.

    These 19" cabinet blanking panels are ideal for keeping your cabinet neat, tidy and working efficiently by blanking off any unused space. When used in an environment with servers, they will help stop front to back air movement within the cabinet, protecting your servers from warm air from the rear of the cabinet.

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  • 19" Cabinet Brush Strip Panel

    £9.56 Ex VAT.

    Brush Strip Panels are used to allow the passage of patch leads from the front of a cabinet to the rear whilst maintaining a neat appearance and reducing back to front air flow.

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  • Organize cables in a server rack or cabinet to...

    £15.11 Ex VAT.

    The CMVELC1U Velcro Cable Management Panel mounts to a standard 19" 2 or 4-post rack to organize cables while keeping dust and dirt out of the rack. This TAA compliant product adheres to the requirements of the US Federal Trade Agreements Act (TAA), allowing government GSA Schedule purchases.Constructed of high quality steel with 4 Velcro loops, the 1U cable manager enables you to bundle and route cables as needed for simple cable organization. The panel also promotes proper airflow through the rack by closing off open spaces between...

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  • Krone style tool for punching down cable on IDCs

    £9.60 Ex VAT.

    Punchdown tools are used to terminate cable with IDC connection blocks found on Patch Panels and Data Outlets.

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  • Cabinet Cable Tidy Bar available in 1u and 2u...

    £3.76 Ex VAT.

    Suitable for mounting on all 19" data cabinets and server racks, allowing cables to be neatly routed. Features: Radiused edges Black finish

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  • 19" Cable Management Bar with Horizontal and...

    £6.10 Ex VAT.

    19" Cable Tidy, suitable for mounting on all 19" data cabinets and server racks, allowing cables to be neatly routed. The vertical cable rings create an ideal bend radius for the cables and greatly assists keeping the rack neat. Radiused edges Black finish

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  • Right-angled Cat6a FTP Patch Panel

    £61.59 Ex VAT.

    Connectix Category 6A Patch Panels provide exceptional performance for high speed LAN’s including 10-Gigabit Ethernet applications. The boards are designed using the latest noise compensation techniques and the shielding feature can minimise the risk of EMI. The 2020 Series FTP Panel offers Cat 6A performance and has been designed to present the cable termination IDCs horizontally on a tray at the rear of the panel, making termination and cable management easier. All sockets in the panel are commonly linked through the panel and can be...

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  • RJ45 Toolless Cat6a Keystone Jack Module

    £2.54 Ex VAT.

    Connectix Cat6A Keystone Modules have been designed to provide the exceptional performance required to support extremely high speed applications, including 10-Gigabit Ethernet. When used with Connectix Cat6a Cable, the Category 6A Keystone Modules provide an outstanding transmission medium free from the problems of alien crosstalk. The tool-less and snap-to-fit module ensures a quick and easy to terminate installation, and the standard Keystone fitting allows the use of the same module in patch panels, wall outlets and a variety of other...

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