Devolo 1833
  • Devolo 1833
  • Devolo 1833
Package contents

- 1 x dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ adapter

- 1 x dLAN® 500 AVplus adapter

- 1 x Network cable

- CD containing software and documentation

- Hard copy of installation guide

- 3-year warranty

Small adapter, twin connection

- The ideal entry-level adapter for your home network via the powerline.

- Simple and fast connection at powerline speeds up to 500 Mbps.

- Two Fast Ethernet LAN connections—use the second LAN port to connect another device simultaneously

- Compact and unobtrusive design.

Product description

Use the dLAN® 500 duo from devolo for the optimal entrance into your own world of home networking. The easy connection via household powerlines makes the Internet available in any room in no time. Two LAN ports on the adapter allow for two devices to be directly connected, such as a computer and network printer in the home office or Smart TV and a game console in the living room. The compact housing enables flexible and unobtrusive placement at any power outlet in your home. Of course, the home network can be expanded at any time with additional adapters. This way, the innovative dLAN® technology brings the Internet into any room. There are already more than 16 million satisfied devolo customers—the Number 1 for Powerline home networks.

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Devolo 1833

dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ Starter Kit


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